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Appropriate oral hygiene is one of the basic pillars of health, fastidiousness and beauty; a basic condition for healthy gums, bright smiles and fresh breath.

The maintenance of good oral hygiene is assisted by regular and proper tooth-brushing as well as regular dental hygiene treatments at the surgery. These two things cannot be substituted, both are equally important, they complement each other.

Dental hygienists are professionals specially trained for the preservation, restoration and maintenance of healthy teeth. Our tasks include forming proper individual oral hygiene of the patients, customisation, the selection of the most suitable dental care instruments, their training and regular control.


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Professional dental hygiene and dental cosmetic treatments

A smile is real if it is not only beautiful, but also healthy! Familiarize yourself with the different oral hygiene treatments!

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Full oral treatment professional advice, customised to individual needs

Ask for assistance from a professional in order to learn the most effective methods of keeping the teeth and the complete oral cavity clean in the interest of both ourselves and our children!

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Professional complex "whitesmile flash" dental whitening in the surgery

Sparkling white dental arch with the best quality materials, efficiently and safely.

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Cosmetic whitesmile home whitening

Enjoy painless teeth whitening in your own home, in comfort.

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Dental cosmetic packages for young and old

Choose treatment packages in order for us to offer significant discounts for you.


Stay up to date with my oral hygiene advice and tips, learn the right dental care techniques! 

In my blog posts, I help with all of this, I show you the current trends in dental care so you can always get the most out of yours smile! Attend regular dental check-ups and dental hygiene cleanings! It is not possible to start education for proper oral hygiene early enough, it is worthwhile to take care of the dental check-ups of our children in time.

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A beautiful smile is the best investment!

Book an appointment for an oral hygiene treatment now!