Customization of dental and oral hygiene instruments

A beautiful smile is the best investment!

Many people believe that it is sufficient to quickly brush their teeth in the morning and in the evening to ensure healthy oral hygiene, although this is not the case at all. From early childhood great emphasis must be placed on developing the correct tooth brushing technique, such as selecting the appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste, the use of dental floss and interdental cleaners, as well as the correct use of mouthwash and last but not least the cleaning of the tongue. Unfortunately there are very few consultation rooms where not only curing and aesthetics are important but also the prevention of illnesses. There is no big secret: the first and most important step is to take the health of our teeth seriously, to take time for the health of our mouth, and to learn the technique of correct tooth brushing, which we will then teach our children.

Ask a professional for help!

It is worthwhile having your tooth brushing technique regularly checked by a dental professional, i.e. a dental hygienist. At the consulting room we can tell you precisely which areas need special attention, in which interdental area you need to use dental floss, which one needs an interdental brush and what size.


A beautiful smile is the best investment!

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