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Against sensitive teeth

Sensitive System / treatment reducing sensitivity of the teeth

Retraction of the gums. What actually happens in these cases? The horizontal run of the healthy gingival crest is found at the cervical area of the teeth. The dental enamel which covers the dental crown grows thin in this cervical area and this is where the thin cement layer covering the dental roots begins.

Due to reasons of genetics, disorders or incorrect tooth brushing gums draw towards the roots from the dental cervix. As the surface of the roots is no longer covered by a layer of enamel, only by a thin cement, it could present several symptoms: the most frequent one being cervical sensitivity, which could cause stabbing pain when brushing teeth or consuming cold, hot or acidic food or drinks.

Since pain may also be caused by brushing teeth, patients avoid these sensitive areas during tooth brushing, which could easily result in gingivitis.

What can be done? If the retraction is at an initial stage, but there is already cervical sensitivity present, we cover the uncovered area by a thin layer of varnish, which may cease sensitivity for up to 6 months.


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