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Guidance to smokers

We hear about the damaging effects of smoking every day and this passion endangers the good health of the teeth, moreover, it may cause severe oral cavity diseases.

Tobacco smoke contains more than four thousand compounds, the majority of which are poisonous and which are absorbed through the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, causing several severe problems by this. These harmful compounds reduce the efficiency of the oral cavity’s protection system, thus accelerating the formulation of tartar.

The smoke also causes discolorations, darkening on the surface of the teeth, which can range from light brown to black, forming an embarrassing aesthetic effect.

All of this results in an unhealthy, discoloured set of teeth and foul breath.

Smoking does not primarily cause tooth decay, but it damages the parodontium, in other words, it causes the deterioration of the bones around the teeth, which can lead to the loosening or losing of teeth. Once periodontal disorder has developed, giving up smoking may help in decelerating the progression of the disease, but the problem cannot be reversed, except at the initial stage.

Smoking significantly damages not only the trachea and the lungs, but the oral cavity as well. The essence of the effect is that during smoking we inhale hot, irritant smoke, containing toxic substances.

Smoking weakens the immune system and decelerates the healing of dental diseases. Nicotine is harmful for the gums, the cells within it and it slows down blood circulation. According to studies, the deterioration of the bones is twice as likely for smokers than for non-smokers, even in the case of perfect oral hygiene

These hazards can only be avoided if we do not smoke at all or quit smoking as soon as possible, and at the saloon we assist in maintaining appropriate oral hygiene with the combined effect of professional dental hygiene treatments.


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