Professional WHITEsmile FLASH saloon tooth whitening

Professional WHITEsmile FLASH saloon tooth whitening

It is our natural desire to have more beautiful, more sparkling and whiter teeth, but due to the effect of the different foods and other external influences, for instance smoking, our teeth can be discoloured fast. However, nowadays there are easy, quick and safe methods of regaining our confident smile. One of the most effective methods is dental whitening, which is a perfectly safe treatment these days and which does not damage the tooth enamel. In my dental saloon I use the most modern dental whitening systems, technologies and substances, by which fast and extremely effective results can be achieved. In my work I apply two types: consulting room and home whitening.


The WHITEsmile FLASH WHITENING SYSTEM applied by me is the latest generation of lamp dental whitening, which is the outcome of widespread research taking into account the demands of users worldwide. WHITEsmile is one of the first companies in Europe, which has been manufacturing dental whitening products since 1994 – already for 25 years. The FLASH lamp is extremely intelligent, the different professional dental whitening programs offer customised treatment plans.

The new, even stronger Highpower-LED technology accelerates and strengthens the effect of the FLASH gel, enabling an up to 30% lighter whitening result. Thanks to the special settings even sensitive teeth can be whitened safely. Due to the active chlorophyll content, it has an even stronger whitening effect than other products with a similar concentration. WHITEsmile FLASH applies treatments in a closed system, which is assisted by the innovative FLASHCARD patient card, offering individual treatment suggestions for each of my patients, using a step-by-step approach during the treatments, which creates safety in all practices. The shades of the defined teeth are automatically evaluated before and after the treatment.


A complete dental hygiene cleaning a few days before dental whitening has a beneficial effect, when we remove tartar and other discolorations, deposits from the teeth. With the assistance of this a maximum result can be achieved upon completion of dental whitening. Dental whitening only affects natural teeth, it does not change crowned teeth, however, experience shows that it changes the old composite fillings on the surfaces of the teeth in a beneficial way, i. e. it makes them lighter. Whitening at the surgery is carried out once, there is no need to repeat it within a short period. At the time of a complete treatment 5 to 10 shades of improvement can be achieved in the colour of the teeth, on average they become 7 to 8 shades lighter, therefore we can state with confidence that this is the most efficient dental whitening procedure available on the market today. The full treatment can be completed within 90 minutes at the maximum.


Right before dental whitening we always polish the teeth in order to have a completely clean dental surface. After this we check the starting tooth colour, which is also stored in the dental whitening machine, and we will present the result achieved compared to this; we take digital photos for the smile portfolio as well.

After treating the lips and lip borders, the gum protection gel is carefully placed on the gingival margins in order to avoid the whitening substance touching the gums. This is followed by the application of the FLASH dental whitening gel on the teeth, which are lit by the LED lamp. The procedure is done with 2 or 3 15-minute cycles with the lamp, repetition is needed as the gel placed on the teeth is active for this length of time. Upon completion of the cycles the gum protection gel is removed and the teeth are treated by a re-mineralization substance as well as with vitamin E solution. For extra care at home I give my patients AWM sensitivity reducer and WHITEsmile special after-whitening toothpaste as gifts, which makes whitening long-lasting and the teeth sparkling for a long time.



The durability of the result of dental whitening largely depends on your eating and oral care habits in the case of the WHITEsmile FLASH system as well.

During the 4 days after the treatment it is very important to comply with the following instructions: colour restrictions and protection against extreme temperature influences, such as iced lemonade or hot soup. Forbidden are: coke, coffee, red wine, black tea, jam, beetroot, foods containing red pepper or tomato, citruses because of their fruit acid content (lemons, oranges), spices – curry – in other words, basically everything that stains the teeth and the tongue. Coloured mouthwashes should also be avoided. 

Instead of these I recommend foods of natural colour: rice, pasta, cheeses, pastries, banana, white meat, fish, mineral water, vanilla shakes, potato, creamed ragout, plain yoghurt etc. In addition, I recommend the use of the AWM sensitivity reducer as needed, but at least for 1 or 2 days after dental whitening, as well as the use of the toothpaste maintaining whitening as these products contain the dental whitening treatment.

A beautiful smile is the best investment!

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LED technology is well-known all over the world, it does not change the structure of teeth, does not ruin them, does not have any negative effect on them. The whole duration of the treatment is under my personal supervision. Highpower LED technology is the most modern and the safest technology as it does not heat the teeth, does not radiate harmful UV or infra rays, only in the narrow spectrum, it only emits the perfectly clean blue light necessary for the whitening substance. Furthermore, the PH value of the FLASH whitening gel is neutral, therefore it is by no means harmful to the teeth. Contrary to public belief, it achieves the desired outcome not by corroding the enamel surface, but by oxidation. Thus it is proven that it does not make any change in the tissue structure of the teeth. It can be stated with confidence that neither the enamel stratum nor the dentine is damaged. 


No, typically not. Some sensitivity may occur, the intensity of which could vary from patient to patient, since teeth are living tissues. For one day after the treatment the teeth may be sensitive for cold or hot to a lesser degree, which can be terminated with proper aftercare.