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Probiotic treatment

Gingivitis? Periodontitis? Bad breath?

Replace harmful bacteria with beneficial bacteria!

As a dental hygienist, I recommend a new dental therapy, by which harmful bacteria can be replaced with beneficial bacteria in the oral cavity. ProlacSan® is a probiotic specially developed for dental therapies, which contains several billions beneficial bacteria and by this means it assists the health of bacterial flora. ProlacSan® is of gel consistency, therefore it is simpler to inject “good” bacteria into the oral cavity pockets. Probiotic gel is administered after measuring the tooth and completing FotoSan light therapy. The indispensable preventive measures destroy the greatest possible number of pathogens, thus assisting the efficiency of the probiotic. ProlacSan® is also available in the form of lozenges, so you can achieve the same results in your home by taking one pill per day.

Oral cavity bacteria

Oral cavity bacteria

There are several thousand different bacteria lurking in the oral cavity. Most of them are beneficial bacteria which help to maintain the health of the oral cavity, in addition to eliminating pathogenic bacteria. The most dangerous pathogens are the anaerobic types. Anaerobic bacteria are hidden in the lowest part of the pockets and in the grooves at the rear end of the tongue. The sulphur-producing bacteria responsible for bad breath are also pathogens. The untreated „bad” bacteria lying in the pockets cause inflammation as well as damaging the supporting tissues, which can even lead to the loss of the tooth.

How does the probiotic work?

Scientific literature lists 3 main mechanisms of probiotics:

  1. Beneficial bacteria overcome pathogenic bacteria, thus strengthening the team of “good” bacteria.
  2. Beneficial bacteria produce inhibiting or lethal substances against “bad” bacteria.
  3. Beneficial bacteria reduce inflammatory symptoms in the surrounding tissues.

What else could you do?

By what could you supplement daily hygiene procedures?

The propagation of beneficial bacteria in the oral cavity can prove to be a great idea if:

  • Your dentist/dental hygienist ascertains deeper than average pockets by you.
  • You experience gum bleeding during brushing or rinsing. These are the classic symptoms of gingivitis.
  • You are susceptible to the development of gingivitis/periodontitis:
  1. If you smoke.
  2. In the case of diabetes or other chronic oral cavity disease.
  3. In the case of taking pharmaceutical products, the side effects of which influence the health of the flora of the mouth (e.g. xerostomia - dryness of the mouth).
  • If you have bad breath.


Each pill contains 1,2 109 cfu Lactobacillus brevis and plantarum bacteria, in mint flavour, with sorbite sweetener.

Look for ProlacSan® lozenges at the surgery.


A beautiful smile is the best investment!

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