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Professional painless tartar removal

How does tartar evolve?

How does tartar evolve?

The quality of dental care at home plays a significant role in the prevention of dental problems and it is also imperative to have your teeth regularly checked by a dental hygienist at their consulting room in order to professionally carry out the necessary treatments

When we eat, a thin, colourless layer of plaque is formed on the surface of our teeth, which is practically almost invisible to the naked eye. The basic substance of this layer consists of dissolved scraps of food and provides an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. Over a period, with the contribution of minerals present in the saliva, this plaque becomes harder and harder and then calcifies.

This is called tartar.

I have to emphasize that the tartar, which has thus evolved cannot be removed by cleaning at home. If tartar has been in the mouth for a long time, it is not only its quantity which increases continuously, but its colour gets darker as well after a while. These deposits can only be removed in a professional manner.

The consequences

Tartar is not only aesthetically disturbing, but it can bring about serious periodontal diseases. It causes inflammation of the gums, which lose their healthy, pink colour, they become red, swell up and during meals or tooth-brushing start to bleed spontaneously. Gingivitis is usually accompanied by an unpleasant odour in the mouth as well. If tartar is not removed on time and continues to uphold the inflammation of the gums, then over a period of time the gums will recede, become thin and atrophied. Along the dental roots the inflammation gradually spreads onto the jawbones and the teeth become loose, they start to move, become sensitive to tapping, cold or warm sensations. In a serious case, they may even be lost.

The importance of professional dental hygiene treatments

In order to ensure prevention and healthy oral hygiene, I generally advise a minimum of two check-ups per year to my patients, but if they are smokers, even more frequent treatments may be necessary. The evolvement of gingivitis and jawbone diseases, which can even lead to the loss of teeth in the absence of proper treatments may be prevented by regular dental check-ups. During the removal of tartar, I remove the accumulated, calcified bacteria deposited on the surface of the teeth i.e. the tartar with an ultrasound instrument. This instrument, the so-called scaler separates the tartar from the surface of the teeth with tiny ultrasound impulses, while cooling the teeth with a water-jet. The special frequency ultrasound is only hazardous for tartar, it does not cause any damage to the dental enamel. By this means the contamination deposited on the teeth disappear and the dental enamel regains its original healthy colour. During the treatments it is my goal to create a customised, perfect oral hygiene and to achieve strong and healthy teeth.

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