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Sealing of fissure

For children and youth, 60 to 80% of caries start in the occlusal fissures and fossettes, these represent the most vulnerable areas of the teeth. The closing of fissures provides an efficient preventative technique precisely for these endangered areas, saving the dental material.

This preventative treatment aims to assist the protection of children’s grinders and deep fissures.

The first permanent tooth of children is no. 6, which breaks through behind the primary teeth around the age of 6. At this time the primary teeth do not fall out yet and the first permanent grinders are unperceived by the parents in many cases. In order to avoid early dental caries, it is important to become adept at a really thorough and appropriate tooth-brushing technique, and in order to protect the deeper fissures, I recommend fissure sealing treatment. During this procedure we fill these deep ducts with tooth-coloured or transparent protective (prophylactic) material, without drilling. The result is invisible, only the clean and healthy teeth remain.


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