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Polishing of teeth

Air Flow powder sand blasting

Air Flow Plus powder is the first state-of-the-art technology powder which removes biofilm and „unripe” tartar from all sorts of dental surfaces: enamel, dentine, soft tissue, restoration, braces or implants in a minimally invasive way. The erythrite-based molecule provides individual application for both supra- and subgingival (over- and under-gum) areas. Air Flow Plus powder with its 14 micron grain size is the most fine-grained existing particle in dentistry. The advantage of this powder is that it is minimally abrasive: it is capable of efficiently removing the biofilm, while leaving the soft and hard tissues unharmed. Furthermore, due to its sweet taste and gentleness, it is a perfect solution not only for children, people wearing braces and returning patients, but also for those who use it for primary or secondary preventive purposes. All these combined ensures a simple and pain-free experience for our patients. This is the best solution in professional tooth cleaning.

Diamond deep polishing treatment

As a result of its use, teeth will be free from discolorations, it has a minimal whitening effect. This is a special abrasive (granular) polishing paste, which provides a protective filter for a long period on the surface of the teeth, upon demand several types of pastes are available, such as a paste reducing sensitivity of the teeth or free from fluoride.


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